Fibaro Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Single Switch 2


Latest Z-wave Plus Fibaro on / off single switch with energy monitoring built-in. Compact dimensions designed to be installed behind standard wall switch so suitable for retrofitting into existing homes and still keep local control using the existing wall switch.

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Fibaro Single Switch 2 is Z-wave Plus designed to be installed behind existing wall switches to control lights or appliances and can switch on or off connected devices either through z-wave remotely but still retain the ability to switch on/off locally via the physical switches. Use this for pumps, motors, sprinklers etc.

The switch is equipped with active power and energy consumption metering functionality reported by a supported Smart Home Controller.

Easily retrofit into existing light switches and enhance it with automation or use it to remotely control other electric appliances like pumps, motor, sprinklers etc. Its compact size means that it can be fitted inside wall boxes if there is sufficient depth or it can located anywhere between the switch and load.

This module switches 240V only and doesn’t have dry contacts for switching alternative voltages. If you need dry contacts or switch alternative voltage please use the Fibaro Single Relay switch

♦ Remote On/Off control of home lighting and appliances
♦ Can handle 2 circuits simultaneously
♦ Can handle load up to 2KW
♦ Remote Z-wave control and manual operations
♦ Z-wave Plus device
♦ Small form factor that can fit behind existing wall switch cavity