Aeotec Z-Wave Water Sensor 6 Dock


Perfect addon for the latest water sensor 6 from Aeotec. The dock enhances the water sensor 6 by providing it power via USB so you have fewer batteries to change and allows it to monitor 2 areas.

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Enhance the Aeotec water sensor 6 (purchased separately) with this specially designed dock that is both functional and practical.

♦ Powers the water sensor 6 by USB

♦ Internal battery acts as a backup

♦ Monitor 2 areas with the included probes

♦ Enables the water sensor to be mounted in more places

Each sensor is a probe that can monitor surfaces, including floors, up to 1 metre away from the installation location of Dock. Only 0.1” thick, probes are perfect for remote monitoring and to monitor in exceptionally tight and hard to reach areas.