Aeotec Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Switch 6


The Aeon labs Smart Switch 6 is a smart plug that lets you wirelessly control whatever is plugged into it. New in the sixth edition are smaller dimensions, an additional USB charging point for smart phones and tablets, and visual feedback for consumers that highlights network connectivity and energy consumption

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Smart Switch 6 is the most beautiful Smart Switch yet. Compact without compromise, at just 60 x 60 mm and it still benefits from its industry-leading technology. Smart Switch 6 has world-class energy monitoring technology built right in. In real-time it can understand how much electricity your devices are using and it doesn’t just visually communicate how much electricity you’re using, it also reports it back to your Z-Wave gateway in real-time (dependent on smart home controllers supporting the feature).

Not only does it have a simple yet elegant design, Smart Switch 6 has a built-in USB port that offers side-port charging of smart phones and tablets.

From anywhere in the world you’ll be able to see which devices are turned on and how much that is costing you. Compatible gateways will also help you store and analyse your historical energy consumption. Via the Aeotec LED Ring, 16 million colours of light are used to visually communicate how much electricity is being used.